denise collecting sand dollars beach sea Greetings!  Welcome to Sand Dollar Gifts.  I'm lucky enough to live
by the sea and enjoy my passion every day. Now I have the chance
to share it with you.

Zuma and Tango beach natureThe sea has called to me since I was a child.  I've always been captivated by its sheer power and constant motion, and how it unfailingly arouses all of my senses.   Being near it is a magical nourishing experience, and nothing makes me feel more alive. My husband Charles and I and our faithful scouts, Zuma and Tango, live at the coast now where the sea's energy and inspiration fill us every day.

My relationship with the ocean is a bit different now that we live together - more intimate, perhaps. We enjoy a daily communion as the tides yield up small offerings, and I breath in and gather up her gifts. Sometimes the treasure is an hour of peaceful reflection; another time it's a lovely piece of driftwood, an unusual pattern in the sand, or a pristine shell.   Each day brings some new discovery or delight.

beach art sunset tango
I've been beachcombing all my life, but I'm now giving my full attention to just one prize, the exquisite sand dollar.  With its distinctive beauty and natural perfection, it's still a thrill to find one intact.  Sometimes I'll see living sand dollars, but I always leave the velvety creatures undisturbed where I find them. The vacant, almost weightless, sand dollar shells are the gifts I bring to you. I have personally chosen all the sand dollars I offer here, except the key hole sand dollars, which are gathered for me by a friend in Florida.

sand dollar surf nature decorations

Each sand dollar is carefully cleaned, mounted, matted and framed by me. Every one is a unique treasure waiting for a home.   I hope my sand dollars bring you or a loved one many years of pleasure, and remind you always of the special magic of the sea.

Denise Richards
  Seaside, Oregon